Japan Awasake Association

Awasake to the world

Awasake is a special sparkling sake.
Produced under strict standards, Awasake is distinguished by its fine bubbles rising in a straight line.
Japan Awasake Association aims Awasake to become an alternative toast drink choice to champagne or sparkling wine throughout the world.

Awasake certification criteria

Awasake is certified through strict standards such as allowing only natural fermentation(※1), without additives, and the gas pressure must be equal to or greater than 3.5bar. A quality inspection is conducted with the cooperation of external institutions to determine whether the products comply with the standards, and only the products that meet all the standards can be called "Awasake".

※1 Secondary fermentation either within the bottle or in the tank

To be certified as Awasake, breweries need to be a member of Japan Awasake Association.
Please contact for further information regarding membership.

Product development standards

  1. Created from only rice, rice mold and water. (※2)
  2. 100% domestically grown rice is used and graded above 3 by the Agricultural Produce Inspection Law as raw material.
  3. The preservation of only carbon dioxide which stems from the natural fermentation during brewing. (※3)
  4. Outward appearance is clearly transparent and bubbles form after it is uncorked and poured.
  5. Alcohol content is 10% or more.
  6. Gas pressure is 3.5 bars (0.35 megapascals) or more at 20°C.(※3)

Quality standards

For three months or more at room temperature, aroma and quality remain the same. Also pasteurization is carried out. The use of Carbon dioxide is excluded within containers and piping which are intended for gas replacement.

※2 Junmai and rice polishing ratio are not stipulated

※3 The second fermentation is within stipulation whether occurred inside the tank and bottle